Snowy's message

Dear Mr.Rhino,

Snowy here with FDB (Baillie) nudging my arm. He wants me to ask you "when are you coming to talk to us again, please?" The animals in our garden are getting rather fed up with Digger. He said he was going to open a School of Letters which we were looking forward to, but he forgets a lot of the time and goes off on a bone hunt!

His garden is not very tidy at the moment so we thought we would all help him and then perhaps have a party too, like the children here. They talk about a man called St.Valentine, who told people to love each other, especially the animals. A lot of humans have forgotten that.

I've got a spare bone for Digger and Baillie (FDB) has gone off to see if he can find a sausage for Figgy. I love Figgy.

Will you be able to come?

We miss you a lot, Snowy and Baillie.

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