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Dear Mr.Rhino, the humans seem to be getting quite excited over here, and Digger’s tail won’t stop wagging! I think it is because he overheard people talking about a special school where dogs could go to be trained to sniff out those nasty humans who kill Rhinos. (Sorry, I didn’t want remind you of your horrible time when your horn was sawn off, but it is good news, isn’t it?) Also, have you heard about the two kind men who took your story book out to some ladies in Kenya who are called The Black Mambas? - no they aren’t snakes, but brave ladies! They go out into the wilderness, with guns, determined to help catch the poachers. They really are helping. I think Digger is hoping that he could be one of those dogs. He has been talking a lot also, non-stop, about Christmas, but I’m not quite sure what he means. All the animals we know remember they get special toys and biscuits when it’s Christmas, but I don’t think Rhinos play with toys, do they?

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