RIP #Sudan

Dear Mr. Rhino,

I expect you have heard the very sad news that your oldest relative, #Sudan the #rhino, has died. he was 45 and had lived nearly all his life @OlPejeta Reserve in Northern Kenya. He was extra precious because he was the last male White Rhino in the world, there will never, ever be another one like him.

He had been ill for some time, and his keepers knew he was in pain and could not be healed. They have sent him to a place where they say there is no more pain, that's good, isn't it? But please don't go there yet, will you, because you said you haven't finished your mission yet.

I will send you another letter when the children in Digger's garden go hunting for eggs!

With love and tears for Sudan and you,


RIP #Sudan rhino

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