The Cornish Grandmother's Animal Army Helping Rhinos

Hello, Mr.Rhino, quite a lot has happened recently and I think it means Good News. I doze a lot when my owners are talking but my ears pricked up as I kept hearing the word "Help". I remember you often used that word in your Magic Mission. Over and over again they said this word, but in a happy voice. So I prodded the dozing Dumpling and we both listened carefully - after all 4 ears are better than 2. It seems we've teamed up with an important man and his organisation to spread the word and help the rhinos. I know you will be pleased, I promise to listen again for more "Help" news. This is what the press release said, over and out, Snowy.

The Cornish Grandmother’s Animal Army Helping Rhinos

rhino book helping rhinos

A Cornish based grandmother, who was inspired to write a children’s book about the plight of rhinos, has teamed up with the charity, Helping Rhinos. Anne Rickatson (who writes under the pen name of Anne Aldersley) will donate proceeds from the sales of her book, entitled Mr. Rhino’s Animal Army, to the UK and USA based charity Helping Rhinos, to support their mission to rescue and protect rhino in their natural habitat.

Anne was originally inspired to write the book a couple of years ago, after hearing about the appalling treatment and poaching of rhinos from a local zoo. Anne, who is virtually house-bound said: “I have very limited mobility but was really motivated to do something to help. As an avid reader and ex-primary school teacher I thought that writing a book for children, that covers some of the issues facing rhinos, would be a good way of teaching the next generation about the problem.”

The book is about an ageing male rhino, Mr. Rhino, his deputy Digger Dog, and their plan to build a peaceful army of small animals. Their mission is to spread the word about the desperate situation of rhinos.

Anne continues: “There are only 3 northern white rhinos left in the world and there is a real possibility that they will become extinct within my grandchildren’s lifetime. I am delighted to be working with Helping Rhinos and hope that sales of the book really grow so that I can donate as much as possible to help their fantastic work with rhinos and rhino orphans in Africa.”

Simon Jones, Founder and CEO of Helping Rhinos commented: “It is a lovely book and I am sure it will be enjoyed by many people. I am delighted to be working with Anne and am grateful for her generous offer.”

Rhino poaching has increased beyond belief in recent years. In South Africa alone the number of rhinos killed by poachers has increased from just 13 in 2007 (which is 13 too many!) to 1,215 in 2014 – that’s a 9,246% increase in just 7 years! Rhinos are being poached for their horn which is shipped to destination markets, with Vietnam and China said to be the largest importers in the illegal trade of horn, now the world’s most expensive ‘commodity’.

Simon concludes: “Helping Rhinos believe the problem is too big for any individual to combat on their own, and that working together and playing to your strengths is key to any long term success.”

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