A plea for an old warrior, who only ever sought to protect his young

He was old
He was tired
He needed a friend
Could Digger find help?
Or was this the end?

The end of the quiet time
Beneath sun and sky,
After millions of years
Are we all going to die?

Are we all going to die
In horrible pain:
At the mercy of greedy men
Greedy for gain?

Greedy for gain
Of money and wealth
Foolishly blinded
By a promise of wealth

By a promise of wealth
Fed to merciless minds
Will Digger find help
For our friends of mankind?













Mr. Rhino and his animal army are on a mission to save rhinos and other endangered species around the world.

Profits from sales of Mr. Rhino's Animal Army book and other merchandise will be donated to the rhino conservation charity, Helping Rhinos, to help their vital work in protecting the endangered species.

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