Mr. Rhino's Animal Army is a book for children of all ages. It features:


  • Mr. Rhino, an old, tired, wounded, wise rhinoceros, with some magic powers which he has not yet discovered.

  • Digger, a big, lovable dog, and unsuccessful gardener. Really helpful and proud to be Mr. Rhino’s deputy.

  • Rudolph, a young reindeer, who after his first long trip with Father Christmas has been left behind to grow stronger in a warmer climate. A good problem solver.

  • F.D.B. (or sometimes D.), a strong dog and a good planner, who has learned to fly.

  • Snowy, a dog with incredible powers of hearing. The basket helper who reassures rescued creatures.

  • Figgy, the tour operator, a cheerful dog who encourages the timid army recruits.

Profits from the book will be dontated to the rhino conservation charity, Helping Rhinos


Buy online and also available in store at The Eden Project Cornwall. @edenproject