How Mr. Rhino's Animal Army came to be written.

In 2016, World Rhino Day was held, as it is every year, on September 22nd. The day encourages people to raise funds and awareness about the plight of the endangered rhinos in whatever way they can think of.


Our local zoo had the splendid idea of placing life-sized rhinos artworks in open spaces around the city, and everyone got involved with raising money to help rhino conservation. Knowing I enjoy knitting, a good friend sought out a pattern, and soon a knitted mother and baby rhino were created and put into a charity auction to help the zoo raise funds.

Thus, the idea of bringing my children's knitted animals to life grew slowly into the story of Mr. Rhino's Animal Army. I really hope people will enjoy reading the book about the adventures of these lovable toys.


In memory of Anne's death on May 18th 2020, her family would like to continue her work fundraising for the charity she supported, Helping Rhinos. 

You can support Helping Rhinos by donating here 



Proceeds from the sale of the book will also be donated to Helping Rhinos.

Anne had nearly completed a second Mr Rhino book and had started a third one. Her family hope that one day these may also be published in order to continue raising money to save the endangered rhinos.

Mr. Rhino

About the author.


Anne Rickatson (writing under the pen name Anne Aldersley) lived in Fowey, Cornwall, until her death in May 2020. She was born in Lancashire, in 1935. 

Anne was a Modern language teacher and later taught a wide range of required subjects, including French, in a local junior school. She has three children, two daughters, and a son in Australia. Her four grandchildren email her regularly and are eager to advise on the tastes and concerns of younger readers.

By buying a copy of Mr. Rhino's Animal Army, together, we will be helping rhinos and we can sing 'Hope' with Digger.