Mr. Rhino and his animal army are standing up for animals


Rhinos have been on our planet for over 50 million years.

3 of the 5 rhino species are now endangered, with only around 30,000 in total left on earth. 


There are only about 100 Sumatran rhinos and 61 - 63 Javan rhinos left in the whole world.

If poaching continues, they will become extinct.

Mr. Rhino and his animal army are on a mission to help the rhinos by:

  • raising awareness

  • raising money

  • promoting harmony

Will you join in and help Mr. Rhino?


Buy the book 'Mr. Rhino's Animal Army' or one of the Mr. Rhino products and the money will be donated to rhino conservation.


Anne Aldersley was motivated to write the children's book, Mr. Rhino's Animal Army after hearing about their plight from a local zoo.


Mr. Rhino and his Animal Army are on a mission to help save rhinos from extinction and to stand up for endangered animals.

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